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無言の客 / Silent visitor

回転回・ 無言の客は2001年9月フランス政府とポンピドゥーセンターの合同プロジェクト IMAGES AU CENTRE 01, Photographie Contemporaine, Architecture et Paysage(建築と風景)での作品です。12人の写真家 Marc Riboud氏、Sarah Moon氏、Nicolas Bruant氏、Elger Esser氏などが参加し、世界遺産のシャンボール城を始めロワール地方の古城を会期中一人一城受け持ち、現地に滞在して制作と発表を行うというとても贅沢な企画でした。屋代敏博はChateau de Valencay(バランセイ城)での制作の依頼を受け、普段立ち入ることのできない古城の美しい庭園、王や王妃たちの豪華な部屋を舞台にして、東洋的なアプローチで身体が風景に溶け込む不思議な視覚的表現のパフォーマンスを行いました。作品内の黒い物体の正体は作家本人の回転パフォーマンスの姿で、作品の中すべてに作家本人の身体が侵入しています。右の写真は右回転、左の写真は左回転の2枚で1組の作品となっています。


In 2001, the government of France and Pompidou Center held joint project, IMAGES AUCENTRE 01,Photographie Contemporaine, Architecture et Paysage, ‘Kai-Ten-Kai’ and ‘Silent Visitor’ were the two works Toshihiro Yashiro had presented there.

11 old castles in Loire Valley area, including the world heritage Chateau de Chambord, were selected as the event sites, and 12 photographers who were Marc Riboud, Sarah Moon, Nicolas Bruant, Elger Esser and others were assigned to each castle to work and perform.  It was certainly the most extravagant event ever held.Yashiro  was assigned to Chateau de Valencay.  He made the performing art in the castle’s old garden and the luxurious chambers of the kings and queens from years ago which were usually closed to the visitors.His visually expressive performances were produced through the Eastern philosophical ideas.  The spinning movement made his body look loosing its shape and blend in with surroundings, that created very unrealistic visual experience.The black object in the pictures were all him spinning.  Every right side pictures are clockwise spin and left ones were in opposite direction.  Each right and left pictures make one set.

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