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​回転回 / KAI-TEN-KAI



‘Kai-Ten-Kai’ is a word made by combining two words ‘Kaiten’ or turning and ‘Tenkai’ or rotation.‘Kai-Ten-Kai’ is performed to make balance between two opposite forces, such as positive and negative or north and south magnetic poles, by turning and rotating. I made up this word in the year 2000. I shot rotating body movements on a stage which left circular trajectory on a film. Rotatory movement created blur image and helped to integrate with background images of human or scenery. Once before Yves Klein jumped off a wall to leap into the void.  Here I tried to create zero magnetic field by harmonizing void and existence. In this series many of them consist of a set of two pictures. One on the right spins clockwise and on the left spins in opposite direction. Since 2005, this work developed into an art project called “Kai-Ten-Kai Live”.  We asked audiences to participate. Several thousands of people, young and old, has experienced “Kai-Ten-Kai” to this day.

     無言の客 / Silent visitor

          黒い渦 / Black hole



招待撮影 / Invitation to KAI-TEN-KAI

   実験 / Experiment

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